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The concept of MACLEAI originated with the intention to integrate the best of adaptive computation and artificial intelligence with the Oil & Gas industry. We believe the Oil industry is an infinite reservoir of data and possibilities.

Statistically, there is a huge disparity between the amount of data produced and the amount of data recorded in the oil industry. With advent of time, technology and awareness more and more data can be recorded from the same facilities. 

Often data that is recorded isn’t continuous but discreet and the intervals ranging from hours to years. With such a huge diversity in the data, MACLEAI aims to channelize the flow of data and ensuring proper sorting of the same to facilitate research its integration with AI. 

We strongly advocate ethical and universal accessibility of data in oil industry. Data democratization is the way ahead for the industry and we believe MACLEAI will play a significant role in making Earth science a more evolved form of science in near future.

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